Are coffee grounds good for the garden? yes, how to use it?

Are coffee grounds good for the garden? yes, how to use it?

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Coffee grounds in the garden: coffee grounds a natural fertilizer that has many advantages for your garden and vegetable garden. It is not often used, yet it allows you to avoid chemical fertilizers, offering very good results. Provided of course that you know what to do with it… How coffee grounds help plants? can coffee grounds go in compost? We tell you everything!

Use the coffee grounds

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Coffee grounds contain magnesium, potassium, and nitrogen. These properties are particularly interesting for your vegetable garden. Indeed, potassium and magnesium are immediately assimilated by the plants. As for nitrogen, which is released more gradually, it is useful for plants. Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients and also represent a contribution in terms of organic matter.

Also, it has a light and airy structure, which is ideal for the development of young roots. No doubt about its usefulness for the growth of your plants! You should know that the coffee grounds must be dry to mix with the fine seeds. 

It will also be easier to distribute it evenly over your seedlings. You will be able to locate the overloads thanks to its dark color. However, keep a light hand, as a high dose of coffee grounds can have the opposite effect and inhibit the growth of your plants.

Coffee grounds to Fighting pests

The coffee grounds are therefore rich in nutrients and help accelerate the growth of your plants. But it is also an excellent repellent against certain pests that can’t stand its smell. The carrot and leek flies and aphids flee from the coffee grounds. 

Also, the caffeine naturally present in the interior makes snails and slugs flee durably. And yes, it is natural but devilishly effective to get rid of these pests without polluting your future fruits and vegetables!

Integrate coffee grounds into the compost

You can incorporate coffee grounds into your compost. As you drink more coffee, you can place the coffee grounds in your compost. Indeed, it is excellent for the breeding of earthworms.

Also, it fully supports the biological activity in your compost. However, be careful not to put too much of it! It seems that a presence higher than 12% in your compost is harmful, especially if you use it as fertilizer for your plants. 

It is therefore preferable to have a light hand in terms of coffee grounds! If you have some leftover, you can find other uses for it. It is an excellent ant repellent, so put some in the corners of your house. They even say you can put it on your dog’s hair to scare away fleas!

So don’t throw away your coffee grounds. This ecological product can be used in your garden, and will allow you to adopt an eco-responsible behavior while giving you a nice vegetable garden!

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