Full guide about coffee grounds in the garden 2021

Full guide about coffee grounds in the garden 2021

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Coffee grounds can be used in the garden for different purposes. Also, it has many useful properties for the care of the vegetable garden and plants. Thus, it represents a real ally for gardening lovers

Using coffee grounds in the garden can I get a good result for my plant and flowers? Are coffee grounds good for the garden? enjoy reading. [coffee grounds for garden]

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Coffee grounds: an excellent ecological fertilizer

wirwal. coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer for plants. It contains nutrients that can be absorbed by plants such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. Also, it helps hydrangeas and tomatoes to strengthen their coloring. To use it as a fertilizer, it is necessary to :

  • Spread the coffee grounds at the foot of the plants.
  • Mix the coffee grounds with the soil of the garden by making a light hoeing.

Coffee grounds: a perfect repellent against garden predators

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Ants, aphids, slugs … Different species of insects and gastropods attack plants in the garden. Fortunately, coffee grounds can be used as a natural repellant.

coffee grounds For garden. [The ants]

Ants can invade the garden in a short time and are likely to annoy gardeners. To drive them away, just mix lemon with coffee grounds, then sow this mixture on the ground or in areas frequented by ants.


coffee grounds . [For Aphids]

Aphids are insects that ravage ornamental plants as well as the vegetable garden. To keep them away, you need to:

  • Or have the coffee grounds at the foot of the plants.
  • Either pour or spray a little cold coffee on the plants.

coffee grounds. [For slugs and snails]

In general, slugs and snails appear when the weather is rainy. These two species of gastropods feed mainly on plants. To prevent them from ravaging the plants in the garden, it is best to sprinkle coffee grounds around them.

This brown product effectively blocks the movement of slugs and snails. However, if the rain falls often, nothing can stop them. Thus, it is advisable to spread coffee grounds at the foot of flower beds and vegetable plants after each passage of a thunderstorm.


coffee grounds. [For cats]

For cats, the garden is a real playground. Indeed, these felines like to scratch plants. Also, they often eat vegetables and use the garden as litter. Pair coffee grounds with citrus peelings, then sprinkle this mixture all over to keep cats out of the garden and vegetable patch.

Compost and coffee grounds: ideal ingredients for plants

coffee grounds

Compost is a product made up of plant and organic matter. It reduces the amount of household waste by 20 to 30% but also improves soil fertility. By combining it with coffee grounds, the latter will trigger a biological activity that will make it possible to obtain quality soil. 

Indeed, it is rich in nitrogen, a mineral that plants need to grow. However, too much coffee grounds in the compost can have the opposite effect due to its acidity.


Obtain a soil for sowing thanks to the coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds provide soil for seedlings rich in phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. To do this, simply incorporate coffee grounds into the garden soil. Thus, thanks to this mixture, the seeds of the plants will be able to germinate easily.

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