What is cold brew coffee, and how to make brew coffee? 2021

What is cold brew coffee, and how to make brew coffee? 2021

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Cold brew coffee, as the name suggests, has nothing to do with cold coffee (the one you forget near the computer keyboard). In a coffee maker or Espresso machine, “hot” coffee appears when hot water is mixed with ground coffee beans. With the help of the temperature, the water extracts the aromatic compounds from the coffee, taking on this beautiful brown / black color.


First, what cold brew coffee exactly and some pieces of information about this magical beverage.

What is cold brew coffee exactly?

It’s not a kind of coffee, but rather a method of brewing it. It involves letting roasted coffee beans stand in water at room temperature, or cold, for an extended period. No ice is required. Since no heat is used, this method allows a unique flavor profile to be extracted from the roasted coffee.

A singular taste

Cold-brewed coffees are usually less acidic and sweeter than traditional coffees, providing a smooth and refreshing beverage

says Paula

Brounstein, Research and Development Scientist at Keurig Canada. Because cold brewing prevents the oils in the beans – often acidic – from being released, we’re also better able to enjoy the subtleties between the different varieties of beans.

Cold, but you can drink it hot 

It brews cold but can be enjoyed on ice cubes as well as warmed in the microwave or a saucepan.


Moreover, some people drink it as it is, after the infusion, or dilute it in water or milk, with a hint of sugar or not.

Simple and eco-friendly

You don’t need a scientific laboratory to develop your “cold brew”. All you need is a good cup of coffee, a filter, and patience. The process (explained below) does not require electricity either, unlike regular hot brewing.

Prolonged storage

Cold-brewed coffee can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Some people keep it even longer, but the beverage may be somewhat denatured.

Which coffee beans to choose to prepare cold brew coffee? 

Cold brew coffee, coffee beans

Cold-brewed coffee can be made with the coffee of your choice. Choose the beans with the flavor profile that suits you and choose a coarse grind. For optimal flavor, grind the beans just before brewing.


In recent years, cold-brewed coffees have become very popular with consumers. There are many recipes for cold coffee, but one that is attracting a lot of interest is cold-brewed coffee, or “cold brew”. 


Although cold-brewed coffee has been around for several centuries, the craze about it has only recently resumed. It is a more time-consuming brewing method that allows coffee lovers to get a slightly different note in their coffee, while still being refreshed.

Some cafés and roasters even market their ready-to-drink cold-brewed coffee. Watch out for their sugar content, though! A nitrogen-carbonated variant, called nitro cold brew, is served in barrels in some establishments. Visually, this drink looks very much like a Guinness beer!

Bartenders love the cold brew for the bitterness it can bring to cocktails. Some use it as is, while others use it as a syrup to add a sweet touch. Also, since cold brewed coffee can be stored for a few days, it is a convenient ingredient for a food service establishment.


What you need to make cold brew coffee

1 lb (454 g) of COLD BREW mixture

2 L of water at room temperature | And >> Hermetic glass container


Second option: 

225g of COLD BREW mixture 

1 L of water at room temperature

Hermetic glass container

  • You can opt for a different blend of coffee with a darker roast, it’s a matter of personal taste.

The steps 

  • 1. Coarsely grind the coffee and place it in an airtight container or plunger coffee maker. For both options, it is advisable to use a plunger coffee grinder.
  • 2. Stir in the water. This will make bubbles, this is normal.
  • 3. Brew.
  • 4. Close the container and let it infuse for 12 hours at room temperature.
  • 5. Filter the mixture through a coffee filter installed in a strainer or, if you used a plunger coffee maker, simply press the plunger.

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? The hardest part is waiting 12 hours for the brewing process to finish. All you have to do is add a few ice cubes and flavor your coffee to your liking (milk, sugar, etc.). Don’t forget to keep the brewed coffee cold in the refrigerator! It will keep for a maximum of one week.

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Another easy option : Cold brew coffee maker

Cold brew coffee
Cold brew coffee at home

There are devices on the market that do almost everything for us, like the chic Asobu cold brew coffee maker sold by Vanhoutte (Keurig). Aesthetic and isothermal, it allows maceration, filtering, and transport without damage, effort, and without waste. It also has a vacuum insulated double wall that keeps coffee cold (24 hrs) or hot (12 hrs) all day.


134 first homemade cold-brewed of the season!
  1. What is cold brew?

    Cold-brew is a cold-pressed coffee, not a coffee cooled with ice cubes.

  2. How to make cold brew coffee?

    The cold brew recipe: patience and caffeine
    Pour the ground coffee into a container. Cover with water. Stir to blend well. Close the container and let brew in the refrigerator between 18h and 20h.

    1 Choose the grind and measure. In your coffee maker, use coarse ground coffee that looks like sea salt; measure 2 tablespoons per 177 milliliters (6 ounces) of water….
    2 Add hot water. …
    3 Place the plunger and let it brew. …
    4 Push and pour.

  3. How to filter an infusion?

    The Chinese method for brewing tea consists in using a “gaiwan”, a kind of small cup in which we put tea and hot water and filter it with a lid that we slightly shift so as to leave an opening where the water drains out

  4. What is the best way to make coffee?

    1. Fill your water tank with water that has already been heated and just boiled. Coldwater would require heating the coffee maker and therefore the coffee for too long.
    2. Fill your coffee filter holder with fresh, medium ground coffee, without compressing.

  5. How do you make espresso coffee without a machine?

    Heat your water between 92-94°c just before boiling. Grind your beans until you obtain a fine consistency. Put a filter in the filter holder and rinse it with hot water. Put the filter holder on the AeroPress and place it directly on your mug, cup, or decanter.

Cold Brew: How to Make Cold Brew Coffee. super easy

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