The 5 best espresso machines with & without a grinder

The 5 best espresso machines with & without a grinder

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Are you looking for a good espresso machine with a built-in grinder? We compared several coffee makers and selected the 5 best ones with and without a grinder. Several criteria were taken into account: users’ opinions, product robustness, price, features.

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To help you choose the machine that best suits your requirements and needs, we have selected the best coffee makers on the market in this comparison table, taking into account several elements, such as coffee quality, the material used, design, and, of course, price.

Krups YY8125FD 

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Krups YY8125FD is a coffee machine with a bean grinder, which will enable you to enjoy the incomparable taste of coffee from freshly ground beans. Thanks to its conical metal grinder system, you will no longer have any excuse not to make your coffee in the morning. For a strong black coffee, there is nothing better than a machine with a grinder. And with this particular machine, you can adjust the strength of your coffee.

Equipped with a Thermoblock heating system, the temperature of your drink rises faster. The hydraulic technology allows optimal extraction of the aromas, whatever they are, and gives you a flavored coffee according to your taste.

Philips 2200 Automatic Espresso Machine EP2220/14

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The second choice is the Philips EP2220/14 coffee machine with a grinder. Philips has always been up to the challenge when it comes to household appliances. Once again, the brand has spared no expense to provide its customers with a high-performance, state-of-the-art espresso machine with a grinder that delivers exceptional tasting coffee.


Its grinder is made of 100% ceramic. With the touch of a button, you can grind your coffee beans and then make delicious espresso. The grinder can be set to 5 grinding levels. So it is up to you to choose how you prefer your coffee because, in the end, it all depends on the grinding of the beans. Ceramic is very popular because it allows the grinder to have a longer lifespan.

As far as maintenance is concerned, cleaning is made easier thanks to an automatic cleaning and descaling system, allowing good hygiene in the machine. The Memo function is indispensable for customizing the length of your coffee.

Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine / HD8927/47

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Do you like espresso coffee and particularly appreciate it when it is made from ground beans and not with capsules? Then the Saeco picoBaristo hd8927/47 espresso machine is just what you need. Indeed, thanks to its integrated ceramic grinder, you will enjoy a coffee with a burnt and exceptional taste. A big plus for this machine, you can adjust the grinder with 10 different levels. Imagine the variety of coffee you can have with such a feature.

The performance of this machine is unbeatable. Especially since it is very quiet. Thanks to the Memo length function, you can customize your coffee as much as you like. Do you like coffees that are a little strong and at high temperatures? Or maybe you like it a little mild? Saeco makes all your wishes come true. The removable coffee unit, a special Saeco feature, makes cleaning very easy. The Aqua Clean function allows you to brew as much coffee as you want without descaling the machine every time.

As for the design, it is in black, a standard color that blends discreetly into your overall decor. The charm of your kitchen will be enhanced by this machine with its sleek design.


Delonghi BCO264.1

And we return to Delonghi for our sixth selection of coffee machine with grinder. Thanks to its BCO 264.1 model, making coffee is a child’s play and pleasure that cannot be ignored. Combi technology is what dictates this machine to bring you the best coffees in the world. And in addition to the coffee from the beans that the machine grinds on its own. At the touch of a button, your coffee will be ready with the aromas you want. You can use either beans or ground coffee to be ground to make good coffee.

This machine with a grinder from Delonghi has a capacity of 2.6L. Imagine how much coffee you can make. It is ideal if you are used to entertaining several guests or if any of you drink coffee at home. Whether you like black coffee or cappuccino, this model brews it for you without any difficulty. It is also a manual coffee machine that you can clean manually whenever you want.

The black color of the machine is even more interesting. Indeed, black fits perfectly with all your kitchen appliances and decorations. Black is chic and sober.

SCOTT Slimissimo 20200

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And here is another coffee machine with a grinder that you will certainly appreciate. Very glamorous and equipped with remarkable technology, its bean grinding system is what interests us most. Its grinder is made of stainless steel, which makes it a very solid coffee machine. The coffee that comes out is exquisite thanks to the 5 levels with which you can adjust the grinder. Whether you like a very fine grind or a stronger grind is up to you. The machine only makes your wishes come true.

Apart from this important feature, the machine also has a Thermo block heating system that heats the water in your coffee very quickly. The machine also has an automatic shut-off system that makes your work much easier. The machine works automatically and offers a self descaling and self-cleaning program. The Expresso è Lungo memory allows you to adjust the volume of water as you wish.


In terms of design, Scott Slimissimo 20200 has something to please everyone. Thanks to its tactile interface and its slim and compact design, it is a testament to the technology with which it was designed.

The advantages of espresso machines with a grinder

Saving money

By using a coffee machine with a grinder, you save more money because using beans is cheaper than using pods, capsules, or ground coffee.

Prepared coffees are intense

If you appreciate coffee as a drink, for its taste, the espresso that comes out of a machine with a grinder is stronger, has more aroma and acidity.

Make a gesture for the environment

Coffee beans are raw materials offered for sale without prior industrial processing. By using them you will obtain coffee grounds that you can then use or recycle into natural fertilizers.

How to choose an espresso coffee maker with a grinder?

The material with which the grinder is made

Since we are talking here about a machine with a grinder, we will mainly focus on this element. We have seen above that the grinder can be made of steel and ceramic. But what are the differences between these two materials? Steel is a very good material because it embodies strength. 


It must be said that the grinders of the first automatic coffee machines were made of steel and most manufacturers still opt for this material. A steel grinder cannot be broken, which is further proof of its strength and reliability. For long-term use, it is better to opt for the steel grinder. 

The only problem with this type of material is that it makes a little too much noise. Some people say that steel also conveys a certain taste of metal. But this remains to be proven. Ceramic, on the other hand, is very popular because it is very quiet. More and more big brands like Saeco are using ceramics for their mills. Unlike steel, ceramic can break. Moreover, it is a bit expensive.

The pressure of the grinder

Most machines have 15 bars. However, we can assure you that the pressure exerted to grind your grains rarely reaches this figure. This means that in the end, this criterion is secondary.

The speed of coffee preparation

Coffee machines with a grinder are known to be slower than those with capsules or pods. In any case, take this criterion into account when considering the time it takes to start your machine or the time it takes to rinse the circuits.

The noise of the machine

This is in line with what has been said above regarding the materials of the mills. If you prefer a quiet machine, opt for brands that offer ceramic mills. If you put strength first, opt for steel mills.


The amount of coffee you consume per day

A machine with a grinder naturally includes a grain tank. The capacity of the bean container must match the amount of coffee you drink each day. Several people may drink coffee at your home every day. In this case, it is best to choose a machine with a large bean container.

The machine’s maintenance system

The maintenance of machines with a grinder is most often summarized by emptying the marc container as well as the liquid recovery tank and cleaning the machine. Most machines with a grinder are automatic, which may make your job easier. However, make sure that the automation is well thought out and intuitive, it will save you complicated handling and time.

The size of the machine

This criterion is to be taken into account with all other types of machines. Make sure that the size of your machine, corresponds to your work surface, that it is not too cumbersome.

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