Espresso vs coffee: 1 of best guide about the Caffeine
The best guide Caffeine in espresso vs coffee, Starbucks

Espresso vs coffee: 1 of best guide about the Caffeine

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Espresso vs coffee: It’s time for another problem solving, and today what we’re gonna be going over, is the difference between espresso and coffee.

There is a big misconception about the shot, that comes from the espresso machine, and coffee thas comes from it’s what we call a drip coffeemaker, this is what’s in offices, or most people’s homes.

Generally, we will answer some questions like espresso or coffee? espresso beans vs coffee beans the difference? Is espresso coffee strong? there is some misunderstanding about what’s espresso coffee or what is espresso coffee beans in general

Some people think that you have to use different beans to make an espresso compared to a coffee, and that’s not true. | You make the two | . and I’m going to be going over the difference between the two right now.


First, to make espresso coffee without a machine is impossible you have to understand that The difference between the two machines is that the espresso machine has a pump inside, which creates high pressure. so without pressure how can you make espresso coffee.

And you have to use fine ground coffee beans for the espresso machine, and then the pump is what allows the pressure to make the water go through the coffee beans at a quick rate which makes the coffee high concentration.

So if you were to use the same fine ground coffee beans on the drip coffee maker, it would take super long for the water to go through to make the coffee.

The reason for that difference is that there is no pump in a drip coffee maker, there is no extra pressure you’re just using gravity, use fine ground coffee beans, the water will take a long time to go through, and will make the coffee bitter. that’s why you use less finely ground coffee beans.

And again, if you use too coarse of grain, the water will go through it too quickly, which will make the coffee watery or runny, that’s also no good.

So the big difference again, is that the espresso machine has the pump, it makes for pressure for the water to go through the fine coffee, quicker and easier. Which makes the coffee higher concentration

Whereas the trick of the coffee maker is just the gravity, so it goes the coarser grain it’s gonna be less concentration.

Espresso vs coffee: which has more caffeine?

There is another misconception is that people think espresso type drinks, are very high concentration, or high in strength caffeine content.

That’s typically not true because most of the time you’re going to use the espresso shots, to create a cafe latte, or cappuccino, macchiato, and Americanos, On average these drinks don’t have too high of caffeine content

But if we compare the caffeine content of shot coming from the espresso machine with the drip coffee maker, the espresso is more high concentration against the coffee coming from drip coffee maker

The best guide Caffeine in espresso vs coffee, Starbucks

Compare the caffeine of some Starbucks drinks

To know how much caffeine in espresso vs coffee, so what we’re gonna do compare a few different kinds of drinks all from Starbucks.

STARBUCKS: medium rost [ pike ]

16 fluid ounce cup which is a grande size:
The caffeine content. It’s 330 milligrams per serving, and that’s on average, of course, every cup of coffee is a little bit different what we’re gonna do is compare that to a cafe latte, which it uses an espresso type a coffee.

STARBUCKS: Espresso coffee vs latte

16 fluid ounce cup which is a grande size:
The caffeine content: 150 milligrams, which is significantly less than 330 of course, but you know some people are gonna say yeah, of course, it’s a cafe latte it’s supposed to be a weaker drink, so what I’m gonna do is go to one that’s considered more of a stronger drink

STARBUCKS: Espresso coffee vs americano

It’s 225 milligrams on average for a cup which is your drip coffee maker technique. Compared to 330 milligrams of medium roast?

So that’s a big misconception I know a lot of people including myself thought that Americano was much stronger, but in reality, it’s not, unless of course, you’re going to get a double the shot

And so basically that’s the difference between the two different methods of making the coffee, and they use two different machines the espresso machine and the trip coffee maker.

And the question espresso vs coffee?  I think it will never stop we have to leave about coffee and the culture of coffee.


Morning coffee

How much caffeine per day?
As a precaution, the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) recommends not to exceed 400 mg of caffeine per day for a healthy adult, but only 200 mg per day for people at risk such as pregnant women (for their future baby), young people and cardiac patients.

The caffeine content in a prepared Espresso capsule is approximately 55 to 65 mg. As the Lungo varieties contain 20% more coffee, the amount of caffeine varies between 77 and 89 mg per capsule.

There are coffee bean machines on the market that allow you to choose the amount of coffee used per cup: generally from 6 grams to 10 grams. Traditionally, there are between 7 and 8 grams of coffee for a cup of espresso.

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