Green coffee beans Side effects: Dangerous -2020
Green Coffee beans side effects

Green coffee beans Side effects: Dangerous -2020

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Green coffee beans Side effects: the Green Coffee supplement is a slimming formula based on burning the fat, which helps you lose weight quickly by increasing your metabolism and inhibiting the transformation of sugars into fat in the liver. Being composed just of green coffee beans and, therefore 100% natural, but Green Coffee dietary supplements can cause undesirable side effects:

Green Coffee beans Side effects

1 # Anxiety attacks 


2# insomnia

3# A change in blood sugar levels that can be problematic in the case of diabetes


4# High blood pressure,

5# Digestive problems 

6# Diarrhea


7# A loss of calcium

The main contraindications to the use of Green Coffee bean 

Green Coffee beans side effects
Green Coffee beans side effects

Like any active product, the green coffee beans should not be taken lightly without knowing the main contraindications. Although these are very limited, it is important to take them into account. Here they are in detail:


  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take Green Coffee because of their specific energy needs and the possibility of deficiencies.
  • People with high blood pressure may also aggravate their symptoms with Green Coffee consumption.
  • Due to its action on the liver, diabetics should not take Green Coffee either
  • Finally, as with any specific dietary supplement for slimming, this product is not recommended for minors under 18 years of age.

How to avoid the undesirable Green Coffee beans side effects

  • The Green Coffee bean dietary supplement should be composed just of pure green coffee extracts, without any additives.
  • Some supplements contain, in addition to green coffee, other ingredients, sometimes chemical, which can cause undesirable effects. It is therefore essential to check the label of a product before buying it.
  • Also, unwanted effects such as nervousness or insomnia may be observed if you exceed the recommended daily dose. Always follow the indicated dosage, as overdose will not allow you to lose more weight and may put you in a weak or depressed state.

What should you do if you notice any undesirable Coffee beans side effects?

Green Coffee beans side effects
Green Coffee beans side effects


If you have started using Green Coffee bean and are experiencing particular side effects, even if they are not very troublesome, it is advisable to first investigate the actual cause of these.

Indeed, if you respect the dosage and you are aware of the few contraindications mentioned above, you should not experience any side effects. Therefore, remember to check the following points:

1# Do you take the number of capsules indicated by the dosage of your dietary supplement every day?


  • Each product has different dosages, and it is common for the number of capsules taken per day to vary as well.

2# Do you take your supplements at the right time of the day?


3# Are you taking any special medical treatment that may interact with the green coffee beans?

  • If you do not know, please consult your doctor, who will be able to advise you of any such interactions.

4# Do you have any particular allergies or intolerances? 

  • If so, you may react badly to one of the components of your food supplement. It is not uncommon for some products to mix green coffee beans with other natural ingredients, so you should be aware of this.

5# Are you taking other slimming food supplements – Diet products?

  • Combining green coffee beans with other diet products, even natural ones can lead to an overdose effect when the active ingredients involved are similar. It is advisable not to take other fat-burning products in addition to Green Coffee


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