How to descale a Senseo coffee maker with vinegar – 2021

How to descale a Senseo coffee maker with vinegar – 2021

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Clean Senseo coffee maker with vinegar: Did you know that descaling with white vinegar can save the life of your Senseo Philips coffee maker? , this morning when I realized that my Senseo coffee maker refused to pour my entire cup of coffee.


So I decided to clean my coffee machine and share with you the right process to Descaling a Senseo with white vinegar 

#1. Why you have to descale the Senseo coffee maker?

I forgot to descale my pod coffee maker again. It is indeed necessary to know, that the coffee maker, like any device in contact with water, will, as time goes by, get calcified. This will happen all the more quickly if you use hard water.

#2. Which descaler to use?

The Senseo brand is clear about this. To preserve the coffee maker and extend its life, only use dedicated descaling products such as

  •  A descaling kit from Senseo that you can buy on Amazon
  •  A generic product sold in all supermarkets and hypermarkets

But I can already hear you telling me, it’s going to cost me again. Don’t panic, white vinegar is your best friend, and thanks to it your Senseo will be clean in the blink of an eye.


I only use white vinegar, because sometimes I prefer to use only natural products. I don’t know but I feel it’s better to use the white vinegar and not on the chemical products that can be found in stores

#3. Senseo coffee machine procedure

Please Note: that Philips strongly advises against using white vinegar to descale its machines because it can change the taste of your coffee and don’t damage your coffeemaker


To descale your Senseo follow the steps below:

  • Start by filling the tank half-full with water. 
  • Then complete the remaining half of the tank with white vinegar.
  • Then press the “1 cup” and “2 cups” buttons simultaneously until the tank is completely emptied.

Remember to use a small bowl to collect the water!

Now you see it’s child’s play! All you have to do now is to refill the water tank and drain it again (this time without vinegar) so that you can be sure that your Senseo is clean and that your future coffees will not have a little vinegary aftertaste.


Remember to descale your coffee maker regularly (about every 3 months), so you can continue to enjoy wonderful Senseo coffee as often as you like.




When to Determine Senseo?

When to decalcIfy? If your Senseo coffee machine does not turn on or does not have a descaling indicator light, descale it every 3 months and up to 6 times a year.

How to descale a Senseo coffee machine without white vinegar?

Dilute a little baking soda in half a liter of cold water. Pour the solution into the tank and turn on the machine. Once the machine has completely drained the mixture, add clear water to the tank to rinse out the solution.

How to remove the limescale indicator on Senseo Twist?

Start the descaling cycle by pressing the button for 1 cup and the button for 2 cups at the same time for 3 seconds, until you hear a beep. The CALC indicator light and the on/off button will start flashing to indicate that the descaling cycle is in progress.

How do I descale a coffee maker at home?

For the natural descaling of your filter coffee maker, you have two options. You can use a mixture of both cold water and white vinegar that you pour into the water tank. Turn your coffeemaker on and off when the tank is half empty.

Why does my Senseo make small coffees?

If your machine continues to brew much shorter coffees than usual, the pod holder of your machine may be simply clogged Indeed, with time, coffee may get stuck little by little in the center of the pod holder, precisely where the coffee is supposed to flow!

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