Roasting coffee at home: in the oven. pan or skillet. popcorn popper

Roasting coffee at home: in the oven. pan or skillet. popcorn popper

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Did you know that toasting coffee at home is not only possible but also very easy? Roasting coffee at home is a forgotten practice – to say the least, it was in the past was widespread in our country and allowed every family to get their coffee roasted from green coffee beans to excellent homemade espresso.

Not many people know that even today it is still possible to roast coffee at home using the simple appliances we have in our kitchen, first of all, the common oven with which we cook some of our favorite dishes. Let’s see together how.

Why roast your coffee at home?

Before getting to the bottom of the available coffee roasting methods, it is good to answer one of the most common questions: given the availability on the market of excellent roasted coffee, why should I roast my coffee at home? The answer is simple and reminds a bit of what we talked about in the last article about the differences between ground coffee or coffee beans: the answer to the question, the freshness, and aroma.

Yes, because when you roast your coffee at home you can ensure that every cup of espresso you prepare is fresh and personalized to your taste. However, it is often a job to be left to coffee professionals, unless you have a lot of time and desire to study because roasting coffee is a process that takes time and experience.

How to roast coffee at home with the oven

When you see it step by step, homemade coffee roasting is an unexpectedly easy method, more than you might think.


The first step is to choose the machinery with which to toast your green coffee beans. The fastest method is the one that sees the use of a common homemade oven because you can find it in every kitchen, but there are others that, for example, involve the use of a popcorn machine or even specific machinery such as a coffee toaster.

The second step for homemade coffee roasting is undoubtedly to get green coffee beans: although the trend of homemade coffee roasting is very widespread especially in the Nordic countries and in the Anglo-Saxon world, different solutions allow you to buy your beans online in larger or smaller quantities also in our country.

Now that we have decided to use our home oven to roast our coffee and we have ordered the green beans, only two tools are missing: get a perforated baking pan, like those in which pizza is prepared, and a sieve to help your beans during cooling.

Now you have everything. It’s time to start the actual process. 

Here’s how to roast coffee beans in the oven, step by step:

  • Set the oven temperature to maximum.
  • Place a good amount of green coffee beans on our perforated baking tray, making sure they remain on one layer anyway, so that the heat envelops them completely.
  • When the oven has reached the maximum temperature (this is usually indicated by the indicator light going off) insert the tray with the beans in the middle of it.
  • Observe the beans: after about 5 minutes you will notice how the coffee begins to open, sometimes with a small crack-like sound, and to change color: the color will become darker and darker as the roasting process proceeds. With experience, you will learn to recognize the roasting level and color of your favorite coffee.
  • When the coffee beans have reached the desired color, it is time to take them out of the oven. It is recommended that the roasting process never lasts longer than 20 minutes.
  • Pour the coffee beans into a sieve for cooling.
  • Your home-roasted coffee is now ready to be ground and enjoyed.

Roasting coffee at home in a frying pan

It is the simplest and most basic method, and also one of the oldest. In some countries, it is still used, such as Ethiopia, and is a good way to start. All the equipment you need is already at home: a large metal pan, a long handle ladle, a strainer, a large tray or fountain, and a spray with a diffuser. In addition to the kitchen fire, of course.


It is as simple as filling the pan with a good layer of green coffee beans, without going over, and heating them over medium heat without stopping stirring until you get the desired degree of roasting. Then you have to quickly remove them to the strainer, spray them with a tap of fine cold water, and then spread them on the tray.

The kitchen must be well ventilated or with the smoke extractor working, and let the grains cool down completely in another room, better next to an open window. You can also use a working fan in front of the beans.

Roasting coffee at home with a popcorn machine

If you like popcorn you are in luck, now you have another excuse to get a home machine. This system is a little more technical and fast and requires the use of a long handle wooden spoon, a fine-mesh strainer, and a metal one with a foot or a metal pot.

The green coffee beans are poured directly into the machine-like popcorn, placing the large strainer or pot under the nozzle. Depending on the machine we will use about 75-85 g of coffee beans. During the first minute you have to stir, then residues will start coming out of the husks. This is a quick process, which can take between 4 and 8 minutes.

The roasting process with these devices is very fast, usually 4/7 minutes for a light roast, 7/8 minutes for a darker roasted coffee.


The amount of coffee you can roast is about 75/85 gr of green coffee, it depends a lot on the roasting tank of the roaster, and considering a weight loss during the roasting of about 20% we will have 60/70 gr of roasted coffee.

One very important thing before continuing with the reading of this post, and maybe start thinking about buying a Popcorn machine we would like to warn you that if you use it to roast coffee the warranty the machine expires immediately, and if you do it at your own risk! 

Cooling the coffee

A container that we use to collect the films that will come out during the roasting process from the popcorn chute.

An oven glove to grab the machine at the end of roasting and discharge the beans into the strainer.

Notice: If you roast coffee with a PopCorn machine you do it “at your own risk” however we recommend some measures that minimize the risk of fire ( often happened due to negligence of the “roaster”).


Do not leave the “roaster” unattended during the roasting process, keep always an eye on the reactions of the coffee.


Roast coffee outdoors whenever possible.

If a fire starts inside the machine, unplug it and turn it off with a small fire extinguisher or bucket of water.

The pros and cons of roasting coffee beans At home

Roasting coffee

Is it worth toasting coffee yourself at home?

The process is undoubtedly fascinating, but is it worth toasting your coffee at home? The home roasting of coffee has pros and cons and it is, therefore, necessary to evaluate it on a personal level: among the pros, there is undoubtedly the possibility to customize your coffee to your taste, choosing the aromatic level, and also to be able to always enjoy it freshly roasted.


The cons? Without a doubt the timing: imagine having to repeat the procedure described above every time you want to prepare an espresso. Unless you have a lot of time, this is certainly not the optimal solution. Also, finding green coffee beans is not immediate, and all in all the process can end up being expensive.

If you have a busy life you will hardly be able to put into practice the home roasting of coffee, but don’t worry, you don’t have to give up all the taste of a good roasting 

Conclusion & Final tips

Roasting Coffee Beans At Home

The coffee cannot be used immediately, once it is cold keep it in an airtight container and wait at least a couple of days before grinding it. Whatever method you use, always do it carefully and never leave the beans roasting unattended.

Try to always use the same amount of coffee beans, weighing them with a kitchen scale, and try different roasting degrees, noting the results. Learn to differentiate the roasting degrees by combining them with different levels of grinding in your coffee maker to find your perfect coffee.

The roasting process is an art that is difficult to master even after years of professional life, but it is a beautiful and very interesting activity to practice at home. Play, experiment, and write down your conclusions, for example by organizing a tasting with friends. Do you dare to try it?



How is coffee roasted at home?

A frying pan: yes, a simple frying pan used over very high heat can be a good roasting tool. The beans should be spread out in a thin layer which you will mix constantly with a wooden spoon for about 15 or 20 minutes.

How long should the coffee be roasted?

The roasting process can take from 7 to 30 minutes depending on the type of roaster. During the roasting process, the temperatures that the coffee beans reach are around 193 ºC for a light roast, around 200 ºC for a medium roast, and around 218 ºC for a dark roast.

How is coffee roasted?

The roasting process is entirely dedicated to producing a tasty coffee. When roasted, the green coffee bean increases in size to almost double, changing in color and density. Since the bean absorbs heat, the color changes to yellow, then to a light brown, and finally to a dark, oily color.

How to roast coffee with sugar?

If you want to roast coffee beans with sugar, follow these steps: Place all the green coffee beans in a pan with sugar to taste and high heat. Stir the beans so that they are compacted with the sugar particles. Take them out when they have acquired the color you prefer

How to preserve coffee beans?

For this reason, the first advice is to keep the package unopened until it is going to be consumed. In general, it is preferable to use small packages than large ones because that way we won’t keep them open too long. The packages usually keep the coffee in a special atmosphere to avoid its deterioration.

How to flavor ground coffee?

In the case of adding milk foam or whipped cream to the coffee, the easiest thing to do is simply sprinkle the ground aroma on top, as is usually done in the hotel and catering industry. Cinnamon, nutmeg… are the most commonly used options.

What is the best coffee roast?

But the general rule is that light roasting is better with a slower extraction method, such as filtered coffee, and darker roasting with a faster method, such as espresso. This is due to differences in solubility

What is better coffee in beans or ground?

Better to buy coffee beans and keep it that way until you go to prepare the coffee. Ground coffee “goes over” very quickly. You will get a better cup of coffee if you grind the coffee before you brew it. The flavor of coffee is greatly influenced by its aroma, and this aroma is perceived as soon as you grind the coffee.

How long does ground coffee last?

Like ground coffee, once roasted, coffee beans should be preserved, keeping them away from heat, humidity, and light. However, since the whole bean is kept, it can preserve its organoleptic properties, thanks to external roasting for more than three months, at most six

What happens when the coffee expires?

Taking only the coffee bean into account, it does not physically expire so it can have a very long life, especially if stored properly. After a long time, it can be consumed. However, the intensity of the organoleptic properties of coffee decreases with time.

How is roasted and ground coffee prepared?

To begin with, you need water that has just been boiled in a saucepan. Then add the ground coffee inside the press and the boiled water. Place the filter in the press and let the coffee rest for a few minutes. When it is ready, lower the plunger to drain the coffee and separate it from the grounds.

Roasting coffee beans at home

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