Storing coffee beans, grounds, pods. out & in the fridge 2021

Storing coffee beans, grounds, pods. out & in the fridge 2021

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Storing coffee: to learn how to store your coffee it is very important because Coffee is a delicate product, which quickly absorbs the surrounding odors and loses its aroma if it is not stored properly. Contrary to what many people think, coffee does not have a very long shelf life, and can very quickly become unusable. coffee is sensitive to many factors, which can significantly alter its quality and taste.

Here’ st the best ways to storing your coffee, whatever its form.

Storing coffee grounds :

Grind me down

After opening, ground coffee in contact with air and light spoils and oxidizes faster than you might think. The best solution is to decant it into an airtight container and store it away from light, but also away from excessive temperature fluctuations. Of course, avoid transparent boxes.

Good ground coffee will keep for an average of two weeks maximum. If it does not have an expiry date, this does not mean that there is no recommended time limit for optimal tasting. After all, you might as well enjoy your coffee while it is still rich in aromas and delicacies!

If you only drink very little coffee and are afraid that your coffee will oxidize faster than expected, opt for buying small quantities. Even if it will cost you more. You can also opt to buy a grinder (we recommend the Baratza coffee grinder) and buy the beans directly. They will keep better than already ground coffee and will be less sensitive to their environment. Of course, buying your coffee beans and grinding them yourself before consumption requires more investment in terms of time. It all depends on your habits and your schedule. 


Storing coffee in the fridge:

Above all, don’t choose to store your coffee in the refrigerator, let alone the freezer. Between extremes of temperature and humidity, this is not the ideal place to allow your product to retain its full flavor potential. Only choose this solution if your ground coffee will keep longer than expected, especially in hot weather.

Storage of coffee beans:


The Coffee beans keep better and a little longer than ground coffee. Grinding it directly before drinking it allows it to retain as much of its aroma as possible.

Like ground coffee, coffee beans should be stored in an airtight container, away from light, air, and moisture.


Ideas for storing coffee pods

(S) pods coffee, like all soluble coffee, has an optimal expiration date. After this date, the coffee is still drinkable but will have lost much of its taste qualities. They still have a good shelf life, and as long as they are also stored in an airtight container, you will be able to enjoy them fully for about 12 to 18 months. soft coffee pods are most often sold in freshness bags. By resealing the pouch properly, you can also use it to store your coffee, if you do not have a suitable airtight container.


Want To Make Your  Super Antioxidant Coffee  More Amazing?

Whether it is a flavored coffee, an organic coffee, or even a decaffeinated coffee, it is important to store it in the best possible conditions. Remember, that favoring small quantities at the time of purchase, and favoring coffee beans, Ensures that the coffee is of optimum flavor and quality. For all coffee lovers, these are precautions that should not be overlooked, and you will see that it is these simple steps that will allow you to appreciate a good cup of coffee even better.



How to store coffee?

The general rule is that you should store your coffee in a cool, dry, airtight container in the dark. If you store it this way, your ground coffee should last a couple of months after the expiration date, while whole beans can last up to nine months.

How is coffee packed for export?

In any event, the coffee to be exported can be packaged under vacuum, with a one-way degassing valve, or with modified atmospheres, independently of whether it is roasted or ground.

How long does roasted coffee beans last?

How long should the coffee beans be stored to obtain the best flavor? For the best flavor, you should use the beans as close as possible to the date of roasting, ideally within 2 to 3 weeks for a pound of coffee

How long does the ground coffee last once opened?

Ground coffee packed in normal bags can be considered fresh in the following formats: when ground, up to one month, and in beans it can be considered fresh up to two months, depending on the conditions where it is stored.

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